According to the statistics released by TIPO, 19,218 patent applications were filed in the third quarter of 2014, a 4.28 % decrease from the same quarter last year.  There were 11,444 applications for invention patent, of which 4,617 applications were filed by domestic applicants and 6,827 were filed by foreign applicants.  The top five applicants nationality-wise for invention patent were Japan (3,115), the United States (1,619), South Korea (508), China (374), and Germany (300).  There were 884 applications in total for design patent, same as the third quarter last year.

Industry-wise observation indicates that the major domestic and foreign corporations in the panel, semi-conductor and computer sectors were active in the application for invention patent during the third quarter this year.  Among foreign applicants, three major panel material manufacturers were among the top ten in number of applications filed, namely, LG Chem. Ltd. (173, ranked 1st), Fuji Film Corp. (115. Ranked 3rd), and Nitto Denko Corp. (104, ranked 5th).  Besides, Toshiba Corp. (156) and Applied Material Corp. (106) ranked 2nd and 4th, respectively, a growth of more than 50% in number for each, indicating that they were active in filing semiconductor-related patent applications in Taiwan.  Moreover, from the computer sector, Intel Corp. (95), Microsoft Corp. (55) and HP Co., Ltd. (50) were also among the top ten foreign corporate patent applicants in the quarter.

The number of pending invention patent applications dropped to 106,639.  The average time for reviewing application was shortened to 32.13 months, 8 months shorter than the average time as of last September.  The waiting time for the first notice was shortened to 22.22 months, a reduction of 8.07 months.