President Obama signed the FISA Sunsets Extension Act (Public Law No. 112-3) into law on Friday, February 25, three days before provisions of the PATRIOT Act extended by the bill were set to expire. The bill extends until May 27, 2011, two privacy provisions of the PATRIOT ACT related to the United States’ ability to access business records and conduct “roving wiretaps” and a provision from the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, known as the “lone-wolf” provision related to the FBI’s ability to monitor terrorists. Specifically, the law extends the sunset provisions for Section 215 of the PATROIT Act which allows the FBI to obtain an order for “any tangible thing related to a terrorism investigation, including a firm’s customer records” and Section 206 of the PATRIOT ACT which allows law enforcement to attach a wiretap warrant to a suspect, rather than a specific phone. The law also extends Section 6001 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (the “lone wolf” provision) which broadens the definition of “agent of a foreign power” to include individuals who act alone in international terrorism within the United States. With only a three-month extension, Congress will likely soon begin debate on a possible multi-year extension of the provisions and amendments to the Act.