The Tribunal has found that a nurse failed to maintain professional boundaries and behaved inappropriately towards two vulnerable mental health patients in his care when he sent one patient a number of text messages outside of work and telephoned the other and asked her to come to his home and watch DVDs, and has concluded that these actions amounted to professional misconduct. While there was no evidence about the content of the text messages, the Tribunal found that it was "quite wrong" for the nurse to have any text message contact with the patient: "Nurses must be aware of the proper boundaries between professional contact with the patient, particularly those who are vulnerable, and any personal contact. Those boundaries must be defined and must be kept. Otherwise the professional relationship is compromised. That inevitably will bring the nursing profession into disrepute". The nurse was suspended, censured, ordered to pay costs, and had a number of conditions imposed on his return to practice. A further charge relating to text messages sent to a professional colleague was dismissed by the Tribunal, which found that the colleague "was able to deal with the matter herself and did so achieving the appropriate result of terminating the unwanted approach". Collin Kora (432/Nur11/192P).