On February 25, the Amendment of Law for Promoting Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation of the People’s Republic of China (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the Amendment) was submitted to the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress for deliberation, which was aimed to promote the initiatives of research institutions and researchers to transform the scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity, in order to start the “New Engine” to drive innovation within China.

This Amendment improved the incentive system for researchers, which left space to increase rewards. The Amendment stipulates that: any unit which completes any scientific and technological achievement could stipulate the amount of reward and the means for remuneration or discuss with relevant researchers about it. Otherwise, the reward and remuneration would be given according to the minimum standard stipulated by law.

In order to improve the system for scientific research evaluation, the Amendment stipulates that any research and development institution set up by the State or any university or college should establish systems related to professional title appraisal, postion management, and performance appraisal that comply with characteristics of scientific and technological achievement transformation, and should improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for income distribution. In addition, those organizations should prepare system for performance assessment that is of benefit to promote the scientific and technological achievement transformation.

Compared with existing law, the Amendment could be said as “bold and resolute”, for the number of terms and conditions is increased by about one third, while most of terms and conditions were revised. In addition, the Amendment also strengthens the principal role of enterprise in scientific and technological achievement transformation, and also stipulates terms and conditions for enhancing service for scientific and technological achievement transformation. (Source: Xinhuanet)