On October 12, 2007, the FCC will open a filing window for applications for non-commercial educational (NCE) FM stations. The window will close on October 19, 2007. The window is available for FM reserved band (channels 201-220) proposals for new NCE stations and for major changes to existing NCE stations. Additionally, applicants that have an application pending for a new NCE station or for a major change to an existing NCE station that was not included in the FCC's recent omnibus order may need to amend their applications by completing sections related to the FCC's new point system. If you have an application pending and are unsure if you need to amend in the window, please contact a Wiley Rein attorney.

Finally, if you are interested in filing for a new station or for a major change in the NCE window, you should have your engineer start looking for potential sites and determining if your proposed facilities comply with the FCC's technical rules.