In recent years, the evolution and popularity of smart phones and tablets has accelerated the public’s confidence in, and reliance on, using software and cloud-based technology to make their lives easier.

Outlook, Gmail, Dropbox, iCloud, Internet Banking and Office 365 are all commonly used cloud-based technologies that if not familiar to yourself will likely be familiar to your clients. 

Amongst law firms this is no different, confidence in the cloud comes about as legal practices identify the benefits provided by such technology outweighing the concerns.  As a result, more and more law firms are adopting cloud technology, however some still remain fearful and express doubts?

This whitepaper details the benefits of ‘The Cloud’ and allays some of those fears surrounding the technology, providing advice on how potential pitfalls can be easily avoided.  Discover how cloud software is transforming legal practices to become more efficient and profitable.

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