Over the first three quarters of 2014, “[r]enewable energy sources accounted for more than two-fifths (40.61%) of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity put in service,” according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)’s Energy Infrastructure Update, nawindpower.com reports. Natural gas was the only energy supply to add more generating capacity than renewable sources. Renewable energy advocacy group the SUN DAY Campaign cites the report, saying that new renewable capacity is nearly 35 times the new capacity added from oil, coal, and nuclear power combined—3,598 MW compared to 104 MW. Executive Director of the SUN DAY Campaign, Ken Bossong, said in the article, “The steady and rapid growth of renewable energy is unlikely to abate as prices continue to drop and the technologies continue to improve. The era of coal, oil and nuclear is drawing to a close; the age of renewable energy is now upon us.” For more, read the full article.