Yesterday, Ohio Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati), chairman of the Senate Public Utilities Committee, introduced Senate Bill 58, which is a placeholder energy bill intended “to review and possibly modify the energy efficiency, peak demand reduction, and alternative energy resource provisions established by Ohio law governing competitive retail electric service.” Among other items, the placeholder bill lists “changes in electric service occurring since 2008,” such as the development of natural gas, the inclusion of combined heat and power (CHP) in the state’s energy efficiency standards, and whether renewable energy resources have helped to depress wholesale prices in the PJM auction market.

In a recent memorandum to respondents of his initial request to provide topics for consideration, Sen. Seitz stated that the plan going forward following the introduction of the placeholder bill is to have a hearing on “information from the perspectives of the PUCO and the OCC,” followed by subsequent hearings on subtopics. Upon completion of those hearings, it will be determined “what, if anything, should replace the placeholder bill.”