Précis  Universities are being invited by the UK Government's Research Council to apply for grants to develop training centres to tutor in cyber security postgraduate courses.

What? As part of the UK's Cyber Security Strategy to tackle online crime, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ("EPSRC") has earmarked £8m to fund the creation of two educational facilities dedicated to Doctoral Training in Cyber Security. The EPSRC will be responsible for selecting which universities will host the Centres for Doctoral Training ("CDTs"). The funding will support at least 24 doctoral graduates through their postgraduate studies at each centre.

So what? As part of the National Cyber Security Programme announced in 2010 to develop the UK's academic capabilities in cyber security, the EPSRC will support the creation of two doctoral centres schooling in cyber security. Academic training and in-depth knowledge of cyber security will be crucial to tackling increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

To apply for the funding, the EPSRC wants proposals for each centre to focus on one of two research domains and address a range of issues from the technical to sociological:

  • Domain A proposals should cover cryptography, key management and related protocols, systems engineering and security analysis, research into the security of computing platforms and architecture, and building trusted and trustworthy systems; and
  • Domain B proposals should cover operational assurance techniques, information risk management, the science of cyber security and information assurance methodologies.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 8 November 2012 and it is expected that a decision will be reached in February 2013. Proposals will be accepted only from UK universities in receipt of an EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant in the academic year 2012/13. Universities considering submitting a proposal are advised to contact EPSRC before developing a proposal.