Four new Regional Directors are J. Michael Lightner who succeeded Gary T. Kendellen, Region 22 in Newark, NJ…Daniel Hubbel now heads the Kansas City Region 17 office, succeeding D. Michael McConnell…James Small heads Los Angeles’ Region 21, succeeding Victoria Aguayo…In addition, Linda Davidson is the new Officer-in-Charge at the NLRB’s Portland, Oregon, sub-regional office. Davidson began her NLRB career in 1979 in Portland as a clerk typist. She participated in the Agency’s upward mobility training program, was named a Field Examiner in 1990, and now heads the office…and finally Anne Pomerantz is the new Regional Attorney in Seattle who works with popular Richard Ahearn, Regional Director…Congratulations to all these outstanding examples of what a lifelong career at the NLRB can mean.

More at the NLRB: General Counsel Ron Meisburg has appointed Gay Nell Hymon as Deputy Regional Attorney in Region 10 where Atlanta Regional Director Marty Arlook is the “Dean of Regional Directors” having served the longest of any current Regional Director…Hymon is also a career employee who joined the NLRB in 1976…The new Regional Attorney in Newark’s Region 22 is Maria Balzano, also a career employee since 1972.