Further to our client advisory concerning recent developments in the new gTLD rollout process (available at http://www.gowlings.com/Events/Announcements/2013/OTT_0227.en.html), we are writing to remind you that the Trademark Clearinghouse is scheduled to come online on March 26, 2013.

ICANN will soon be releasing many new domain name extensions (new dot-coms). The first domain name extensions are expected to go live in the coming months. With each new domain name extension that launches, cybersquatters, or third parties generally, will have the opportunity to register your company’s trade-marks as domain names. To the extent possible, we want to reserve your marks as domain names in these extensions, while preventing third parties from registering them.

This is where the Trademark Clearinghouse comes in. It’s one centralized database of trademarks where your company would deposit its trademark registrations.

There are three key benefits to dropping your trade-mark registrations in the Clearinghouse:

  1. When a new extension is about to launch, your company will be provided the opportunity to rely on the trademarks in the Clearinghouse to try and reserve key domain names; and
  2. If a third party tries to register your company’s mark as a domain name, both the third party and your company will be notified.
  3. We can rely on the marks in the Clearinghouse if we need to dispute a domain name registration and get the site down quickly.