Liquidator Mark Norrie has been hit with a second order to pay costs this year in relation to liquidation proceedings. In Norrie v Time3 Global Ltd, the High Court addressed the issue of costs resulting from a quashed order to set aside a transaction made pursuant to s 295 of the Companies Act 1993.

Although costs will not normally be awarded against a liquidator personally when he or she brings a claim in the name of the company, Mr Norrie had brought the proceeding in his own name, exposing himself to an award of costs personally. Time3 Global Ltd was the successful party and a costs award was made against Mr Norrie personally.

Earlier this year, Mr Norrie was ordered to pay costs for issuing a statutory demand on Waiwera Water Ltd with full knowledge that the debt was genuinely disputed. We reported on that judgment in our June 2016 Update.

See Court decision here.