Responding to complaints that at least one Body Shop consultant may have used dubious tactics to pressure young teenage girls to host home sales parties for the company’s cosmetics products, a spokesperson has reportedly indicated that the company is reviewing its party policies to ensure that existing rules requiring hosts to be 18 and attendees younger than 16 be accompanied by a parent or guardian are followed by self-employed company consultants.

A July 9, 2014, MailOnline article by journalist Shona Sibary describes in some detail how her 13-year-old daughter ended up begging for money over the phone during one such party, which a consultant said the girls had “won” after “liking” the company on Facebook. While Sibary expected that her daughter would be eating cake and dancing during the party, it was actually a high-pressure sales presentation for popular products that the girls could not afford. As Sibary explains, “Once it was Tupperware. Now women up and down the country are selling everything from vintage jewellery to scented candles to friends and family. We’re adults: we know the difference between a genuine knees-up and flogging exercise, but children don’t.” According to the company, “Due to this unusual incident we are reviewing our party policies to prevent this happening again.” See, July 17, 2014.