The CME Group revised its audit trail requirements for all entities certified to connect their front-end/order-routing systems with CME Globex. Although the new requirements are intended to be effective April 20, 2015, firms will not be required to comply with CME Group’s new requirements until April 1, 2016. Under CME Group rules, entities certified to connect a front-end/order-routing system to Globex through the exchange’s iLink gateway must create an audit trail of each message entered into the system. Clearing members guaranteeing the connection are required to maintain or cause to be maintained the electronic audit trail for at least five years and have the ability to produce data in a standard format when requested by the exchange.  In general, the new requirements require firms to capture message flow for advanced functionalities, such as parent/child relationships, and eliminate certain fields that previously were required that were determined to be redundant or yield no regulatory benefit. (Click here for current technical requirements regarding this audit trail; click here for the revised technical requirements.)