A number of amendments to the Employment Protection Act are due to come into force from 1 July 2007 following a resolution passed last spring (under the former government) by the Swedish Parliament. The incumbent government wishes to reverse these changes. The key changes are as follows: 

  • Pre-Agreed Fixed Term Employment will be permitted for periods of two years (the current term is 12 months and this term was to be extended to 14 months). Employees are automatically deemed to be working on an indefinite basis after having worked for two years on a fixed term contract.
  • Temporary substitutes will, under the proposed legislation, become employed for an indefinite term after having completed an aggregate employment period of two years during the last five years. The current legislation sets the period at three years during the last five years.
  • Seasonal employment will continue to be a permitted form of employment. The current law (which is to be reversed) included provisions that would prohibit this form of employment from 1 July 2007.

Priority for re-employment. Where a contract of employment is terminated by reason of redundancy, employees who, at the time of receiving the notice of redundancy, have worked for a total of twelve months during the previous two years will be given priority in the event of re-employment opportunities arising. The current qualification term will remain in place. There is also a further planned change which provides for the priority period to be extended to twelve months (the current period being nine months) following termination.