On September 18, 2009, the SEC adopted a new rule – effective immediately – requiring money market funds whose net asset value (“NAV”) per share falls below $0.9975 to provide portfolio and valuation information to the SEC on a weekly basis for as long as a fund’s NAV per share remains below that level. Interim temporary final Rule 30b1-6T, issued in conjunction with the expiration of the Treasury Department’s Temporary Guarantee Program for Money Market Funds (“Guarantee Program”), requires funds to provide substantially the same information as was required for funds participating in the Guarantee Program. Money market funds are required to provide detailed information about each security held by the fund no later than the next business day after a fund’s NAV per share falls below $0.9975 and then must submit the same information as of the last business day of each week by no later than the second business day of the following week. Comments on the new rule, which expires on September 17, 2010, may be submitted to the SEC until October 26, 2009. Upon expiration of the rule, the SEC will consider whether to extend or amend the rule as part of its broader proposed money market reforms.