The National Futures Association's "Know-Your-Customer" Rule (Compliance Rule 2-30) will be expanded, effective January 3, 2011. Rule 2-30 requires NFA members and associates to obtain information about their commodity interest customers who are individuals and provide those customers with appropriate risk disclosure prior to the time that the member directs trading in their account. Rule 2-30 as amended will cover all customers who are not eligible contract participants, not only customers who are individuals. An eligible contract participant, in general, currently includes an entity or an individual that has total assets exceeding $10 million. In addition, the amended Rule prohibits NFA members and their associated persons from making individualized recommendations to customers who have been advised, in accordance with the Rule, that commodity interest trading is too risky for them. This rule change has its origins largely in the CFTC-SEC joint meetings to discuss regulatory harmonization, during which one of the issues discussed related to the similarities and differences between the futures industry's know-your-customer rule and the securities industry's suitability requirements. In light of the differences between the futures industry and the securities industry, however, the character of the current rule, with its premise that the customer is in the best position to determine the suitability of futures trading if the customer receives an understandable disclosure of risks from a futures professional who "knows the customer," has been maintained.