A new edition of the Leasehold Property Enquiries form 1 was launched on 1 October 2015 by the Law Society in conjunction with a number of trade associations in the legal and leasehold sector, to assist with the streamlining of the conveyancing process by reducing the need for additional enquiries to be raised. Whilst not compulsory it is hoped that by more trade bodies endorsing it, the take up of the form will be increased, bringing its advantages to managing agents, conveyancers, landlords and buyers and sellers.

They have also introduced a buyers’ leasehold information summary in form LPE2. The LPE2 has been introduced following recommendations from the Competitions and Market's Authority Leasehold Study which looked to find ways of improving the information given to buyers of leasehold property about the financial obligations they were taking on.

Samples of the forms are available: LPE1 specimen formLPE2 specimen form.