Oscar Bedolla, Cincinnati’s new development director, “may be City Manager Harry Black’s most important hire” in terms of keeping Cincinnati’s growth momentum going, according to a recent Cincinnati Business Courier article. Bedolla has “worked on major projects in Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Washington D.C. and Louisiana,” according to the article, and Black says, “[h]e’s got a very broad scope of experience.” As trade and development director, Bedolla will be involved in major development and real estate deals to bring companies to Cincinnati, especially projects that involve tax incentives. Bedolla says deals like the new General Electric U.S. Global Operations Center coming to Cincinnati create momentum and breathe life into the city that can be leveraged to attract more businesses. Speaking of what attracted him to the position here, he said, “I think the key to development is strong partnerships. And here one of the key things they have is the relationship with the business community as well as the neighborhood communities.” Long-term, he says, he’d like “to be a part of the thought leadership associated with how cities grow from an economic development standpoint.” For more, read the full article.