Nicaragua's National Assembly created in 2012 by the Nicaraguan Legal Digest Law No. 826, of the Legal Digest Nicaraguan Law ("Law No. 826"), whose purpose is the non-applicable legislative clearance or historical events that are no longer applicable and have lost their object.

A first classification of thirty-one subjects to be addressed was established through Law No. 826, among which include: Energy, Labor and Social Security, Banking and Finance, Environment and property, among others. To date, the National Assembly has approved two Digests (e.g. Energy Sector and Sovereignty, Food and Nutritional Security).

On August 21st this year, the National Assembly presented the bill that creates the Digest on property, which aims to facilitate the search and analysis of the principles and procedures for the preparation, approval, publishing and updating the records of current legal norms; repealed legal norms or historic right and consolidated legal standards linked to the subject property.

With the Digest of property, greater legal protection and security will be granted to the people regarding property matters and encouraging local and foreign investment in our country.

Similarly, work is being done on the Banking and Finance and Public Finance Digest, which will shortly be submitted as a bill to the National Assembly.