On November 2, 2015, the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, entered an order granting a one-year extension of the deadline for filing proof of liquidation of an insured’s contingent claim for losses associated with insurance policies issued by Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company, American Motorists Insurance Company, and American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company (which is part of the Lumbermens Mutual Group, formerly known as Kemper). As a result of the order, claimants now have until November 10, 2016, to pay their currently contingent claims in full and provide proof of payment. Claims that are fully liquidated by the new deadline will be classified as “Class D” claims and will be eligible for payment at the fourth-priority level. If, however, claimants are unable to pay their contingent claims in full by November 10, 2016, claimants are instead permitted to file an estimate of the value of the claim by that date. These estimated claims will be classified as “Class E” claims and will be eligible for payment at the fifth-priority level.