Recently confirmed as U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) chair, Elliot Kaye emphasized during an August 13, 2014, press briefing that he would require “clear safety justifications” for any proposed rules or rules changes, including a pending proposal that generated significant criticism in calling for legally binding product recalls and the publication of product information without manufacturer consultation. According to Kaye, this draft rule is undergoing staff revisions, and he suggested that any new rule would have to show that it would achieve important safety objectives.

Kaye also indicated that the agency would prioritize rules for window coverings and to expand its import safety-monitoring program. Kaye reportedly favors a collaborative approach, saying, “A lot of times going right to the manufacturers, going on their turf, flying to their plants and facilities, bringing our technical experts, and just sitting down and just having an open discussion, to me, has led to far more fruitful discussions, and potentially actions in many instances, than just sitting here in Bethesda and just issuing some type of regulation.” He further noted that he expects staff to submit a proposed all-terrain vehicle rule to the commissioners in 2015. See Law360 and Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter™, August 13, 2014.