On January 29, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security ("MPS") issued an announcement, deciding to collect foreigners' fingerprints and other human biological identification information at entry checkpoints. 

From 2017, border control authorities will take the fingerprints of all foreigners aged between 14 and 70 when they enter China this year, and such policy will be rolled out gradually at all open ports across the whole nation. Any foreigner who satisfies any of the following enumerated circumstances when entering China may be exempt from leaving fingerprints: firstly, the foreigner is a person holding a diplomatic passport or a diplomatic or courtesy visa, except for persons from a country having reciprocal arrangements; secondly, the foreigner is a person who is entitled to reciprocal exemption from leaving fingerprints under relevant bilateral agreements or reciprocal arrangements; thirdly, the foreigner is an official at or above the vice-ministerial level from a foreign country and members of the delegation led by such official who are entitled to facilitated entry procedures in a centralized manner under relevant provisions of the MPS; fourthly, the foreigner is a person who has incomplete fingerprints of all ten fingers or is incapable of leaving the fingerprint of any finger; or fifthly, the foreigner is a person to whom an exemption is granted by the MPS from leaving the fingerprints under special circumstances.