January 2016, change of authorities, with an expectant population of the new constitutional elected President, the Executive branch receives its fiftieth Mandatary, tenth of the democratic era that began with the 1985 Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala.

The new government plan includes as one of their work areas, the strengthening of the Small and Medium Enterprises - SMEs, foresees the creation of financial development programs, promoting the national and international exchange, as well as an educational system on business and finance in order to provide tools that help to reduce the informal trade.

In Central America, Guatemala is emerging as the largest economy, with a stable exchange rate, low inflation and a growth of approximately 3.9% of the Gross Domestic Product. In the legal system we have a platform to promote development and international trade: The Foreign Investment Law and the Law of Free Negotiation of Foreign Currencies, also the platform counts with the legislative proposals: The Competition Law and the Law for the Promotion of Investment and Employment.

Following the emblematic events that shaped the history in the recent 2015, the Guatemalan society has redefined itself, regardless of political colors and has created new opportunities for participation and national unity. With an overview full of challenges, changes and regional transcendence, but this time, the difference is that Guatemala has found in its people the resilience and is strengthened to move forward and firmly face the challenges ahead.