“The next step in the process is a meeting of the Civil Rules Advisory Committee that  will take place on April 10-11 in Portland, Oregon. As covered earlier, the agenda book  for that meeting has now been posted on the US Courts website and is available  here. At this meeting, the Civil Rules Committee will make recommendations to the  Standing Committee, which will meet at the end of May.” Seton Hall University School  of Law Professor Adam Steinman, blogging about the most recent developments in proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. According to Steinman,  the subcommittee has recommended withdrawing amendments that would place  certain limits on discovery—i.e., lowering the presumptive numbers of depositions and  interrogatories, limiting the presumptive number of requests to admit and reducing  the presumptive length of depositions—while also recommending moving forward  with changes that would amend the scope of discovery under Rule 26(b). 

Civil Procedure & Federal Courts Blog, April 3, 2014.