On February 24, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Public Notice extending indefinitely the deadline to submit the FCC Form 477 report due to “technical difficulties in the filing interface.” The Commission will announce the new filing deadline via a separate public notice once these issues are resolved.

The FCC Form 477 report, typically due on March 1st annually, requires the submission of information regarding broadband connections in individual states.

As a reminder, the following entities are required to submit the report on an annual basis:

(1) Entities that are facilities-based providers of broadband (i.e., faster than 200 kbps, in at least one direction) connections (including both wired lines and wireless channels) to one or more end user locations in a state;

(2) ILECs or CLECs that provide wired or fixed wireless local exchange service to one or more end user customers;

(3) providers of interconnected VoIP services that provide interconnected VoIP service to one or more subscribers in a state; and

(4) facilities-based providers of mobile telephony services that serve one or more mobile telephony subscribers.

Filing Process: The Form 477 Report must be submitted via an FCC web-based interface and filers will need to use their Federal Registration Number (“FRN”) and associated password to access the system.