Not according to a recent report published by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee.

The 59-page report examined the capacity of the Home Office to deliver new immigration processes to support the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. The report revealed that the current systems are under strain and under-resourced. Although the Home Office is recruiting, the Committee has questioned whether this planned recruitment is sufficient to “alleviate existing burdens, let alone provide the resources required to cope with the increased workload and challenge that Brexit will bring”.

The report particularly criticised the government for the delay in publishing the White Paper outlining future immigration policy, which was initially scheduled to be published in autumn 2017. The Committee said that this, and the lack of any timetable for resolving questions about registration and transition, is “completely unacceptable”.

The Committee has urged the Home Office to take rapid action to provide clarity about what the Government intends for EEA nationals’ registration and immigration post-Brexit.