The Interactive Advertising Bureau is establishing a code of conduct that would make it easier for the government to enforce the organization’s privacy guidelines. This move was made in anticipation of the newly-released privacy legislation from Representative Boucher.

Once the code is adopted, members of the organization will be obligated to abide by it. If a member fails to comply with the rules, then the FTC could take action against the company.

Mike Zaneis, Vice President of public policy for the IAB, said the code is intended “to create a federal law enforcement hook.”

“The key is that we know for the principles to be successful, it has to be a partnership with the Federal Trade Commission,” said Zaneis. “It’s not necessarily out of the ordinary. . . . It’s a major commitment.”

The code will be based on the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising issued last July by the IAB in conjunction with other industry trade groups.

Zaneis said the code, which is being written over the next few months, will be “an evolving document.”

The IAB will work in conjunction with the Council of Better Business Bureaus to monitor its members.

Why it matters: The code is currently being drafted and a final vote of approval is necessary before it can be established. Although the enforcement mechanism of the new code is intended to ward off the continued threat of increased regulation, it may be too late as the new Boucher privacy bill, if passed, could have serious effects on online advertising.