On June 26, 2009, the FCC issued a $2,000 Forfeiture Order to a community college licensee of an educational station in Auburn, New York, for violation of its rules regarding underwriting announcements on non-commercial broadcast stations. Under the FCC's rules, non-commercial broadcast stations are prohibited from airing underwriting announcements that constitute advertisements benefiting for-profit entities. Station contributors may receive on-air acknowledgement of their support for "identification purposes only." The licensee admitted airing six underwriting announcements that violated the rules during its August 13, 2005, broadcast of an Auburn Doubledays baseball game. However, the licensee argued that four of the announcements did not constitute commercial announcements because they were "factual" in nature. The Commission disagreed, finding that a factual announcement may still be promotional. The Commission determined that the announcements at issue used language that was qualitative, induced patronage and favorably distinguished the underwriters. The Order is available here.