The Cuomo Administration will shortly issue recommendations that will shape the new health care model, including issues of provider governance and regulatory mandates.

Over the past several months, the Health Planning Committee of the Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC) has held a series of meetings to examine the state’s regulatory oversight of health planning, certificate of need (CON) process and provider governance.

The Health Planning Committee is grappling with proposals to revive and reconfigure regional health planning, which has varied widely across the state as health systems agencies have disappeared in many regions and actively continued in others. Primary issues are whether the new health planning model will include regulatory mandates or be focused within regions to facilitate system reconfiguration.

The CON system’s requirements continue to receive attention as policymakers balance the benefits of streamlining and updating the CON against the policy goal of promoting provider integration, affiliation and corporate reconfiguration.

The governance debate has focused on Article 28 facilities and the so-called “passive parent” model now used by many hospitals. The Committee is receiving comments on (1) whether passive parents should become regulated, and if so, how, and (2) whether new powers should be enacted to authorize the Department of Health to intervene in problematic governance situations.

The Committee expects to release a report and recommendations in November for consideration by the full PHHPC. It is likely that many recommendations will be the basis for legislative proposals developed by the Cuomo Administration for inclusion in the 2013 state budget.