On October 1, DBRS published its U.S. RMBS rating methodology.  Methodology.

On October 1, DBRS published its rating methodology for European consumer and commercial ABS transactions.  Methodology.

On October 1, DBRS published its methodology for rating companies in the mining industry.  Methodology.

On October 1, DBRS published its methodology for rating operators in the container terminal industryMethodology.

On October 1, Fitch updated its criteria for rating U.S. RMBS.  Criteria.

On October 1, Moody’s published its methodology for rating public housing authority (PHA) capital fund bonds issued in the U.S. municipal market.  Methodology.

On October 2, Moody’s published its methodology describing its approach to monitoring existing securities backed by low-income residential construction loans to developers in Mexico.  Methodology.

On October 5, Fitch updated its methodology for analyzing U.S. Tobacco Settlement ABS.  Criteria.

On October 5, Fitch updated its global rating criteria for trade receivables securitizations.  Criteria.

On October 5, KBRA released a proposed U.S. Equity REITs & REOC rating methodology.  Methodology.

On October 5, Moody’s published its approach in considering data quality in structured finance transactions. Methodology.

On October 6, DBRS published its methodology for rating sovereign governments.  Methodology.

On October 7, DBRS published its global methodology for rating life and property/casualty insurance companies and insurance organizations.  Methodology.