The Hayne Plane (which Jarryd Hayne is affectionately called) has proved to be a savvy businessman. In April he registered the term “THE HAYNE PLANE” in Australia, New Zealand and the United States prior to embarking on his now infamous NFL journey that has had so many tongues wagging. The Australian Trade Marks Office registered the trade mark THE HAYNE PLANE as number 1646505 in the name of J.H Promotions Pty Ltd. The effect of the trademark is that anyone who wants to use THE HAYNE PLANE for commercial reasons must first seek Hayne’s consent prior to use.

Since making the San Francisco 49ers 53 man squad, the potential for The Hayne Plane brand has skyrocketed. It would seem unsurprising to some, that individuals and businesses alike are already trying to cash in. One in particular that earned The Hayne Plane’s wrath was an unofficial Jarryd Hayne fan page on Facebook that popped up selling T-shirts containing his image and NFL number for around $20. It is likely that given his current success, further opportunistic third parties will attempt to register similar trademarks that may become subject to legal disputes.

Even Hayne’s beloved former club, the Parramatta Eels, from where he shot to fame in the NRL has come under recent scrutiny. The Eels were quick to back their departing superstar, agreeing to a $52,000 arrangement after releasing him from his contract that included Hayne providing the Eels with regular blogs, promotional appearances, and potentially selling his 49ers jersey through the Eels merchandise shop “Eels Store”.

In a move that shows just how much value Hayne and his management have in his brand, Hayne’s management were quick to contact Eels management to voice their concerns after the Eels began selling $20-$25 T-shirts with the hashtag “HAYNEPLANE” and Hayne’s NFL number 38 on the back.

Their concerns seem to have been heard by Eels management, as a spokesperson for both parties has recently announced that the Eels and Hayne were in the process of negotiating further deals to ensure commercial opportunities both in Australia and overseas were being realised.

It highlights the importance of registering trademarks early and in all relevant jurisdictions in order to be best protected and block any third party unauthorised use and registration. However, how The Hayne Plane brand will fit in with future endorsements with both the 49ers and NFL in the United States is yet to be seen.

Keep checking this space for further updates as the Hayne Plane brand continues to reach new heights.