The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed to increase the amount of information required to be provided on periodic filings with it by investment companies and advisers in order to “enhance the quality of information available to investors” as well to enhance SEC oversight. Among other requirements, mutual funds would be required to report to the SEC in a new form on a monthly basis data related to the pricing of portfolio securities, information regarding repurchase arrangements, terms of derivatives contracts, and discrete portfolio level and position level risk measures “to better understand fund exposures to changes in market conditions.” Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds would be permitted to provide required shareholder reports by posting on their websites as opposed to by mail, however. Investment advisers would be required, as proposed, to provide additional information to the SEC and investors, too. Among other information, the SEC would require advisers to provide aggregate information related to assets held and use of borrowings and derivatives in separately managed accounts, and additional information about the adviser’s advisory business including branch office operations and use of social media. Comments are due by 60 days after publication of the proposal in the Federal Register.