A committee of member state experts has recently agreed a list of 14 chemical substances for inclusion in the candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC), whose production and use could eventually require special authorisation under Reach , the new EU chemicals regulation.

Nearly all substances in the draft list published for public consultation by the European chemicals agency (Echa) were approved – one additional substance was already identified as a SVHC as no comments were received during the public consultation and the committee unanimously agreed that there was no sufficient scientific data to justify inclusion of Cyclododecane.


  • Echa reports that it has already received nearly twice as many Reach chemical pre-registration dossiers than it expected even though the pre-registration window still has two months to run. Firms have submitted 352,641 pre-registration dossiers by 12 September – well above the 200,000 the agency had expected to receive during the entire exercise. Germany and the UK have dominated the process so far, accounting for 80 per cent of all individual pre-registration dossiers. The agency has also reported receiving 13 full registration applications so far – it has accepted only two as being complete;
  • Echa has also published an interim list of nearly 40,000 substances that have been pre-registered so far under Reach with a view to helping companies identify substances that have not yet been preregistered, and chasing their suppliers; and
  • a coalition of environmental campaign groups operating under the banner ChemSec has published a blacklist of 267 chemicals it says businesses should move towards substituting with safer alternatives. The list sets out the substances ChemSec says should be phased out as a priority under Reach .