The U.S. Government is selling diplomatic residences in capital cities from Bangkok to Bogotá as part of a “real estate disposal program.” These include residences in Taipei - - with views of the Yang Ming Mountains - - Santiago, Jakarta, Warsaw, even a villa in Tripoli, to mention a few…The reason? The U.S. Government is moving many overseas employees into more secure and more modern buildings since the 1998 bombings during the Clinton administration of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania…When the program started, some 29 sites in 29 countries were deemed “excess property” and listed for sale…The residence in Belize City in North King’s Park - - one of the most expensive areas - - is empty because the U.S. diplomats moved to the new capital, Belmopan…Canada also put 2 properties on the market and an 8-story mansion in Grosvenor Square, London, which happens to be directly opposite the U.S. Embassy there…That’s one way to reduce the deficits.