Claimant, aged five at the date of settlement, sustained severe brain damage due to Trust’s failure to recognise serious abnormalities on CTG and proceed to Caesarean section delivery. Liability admitted.

Claimant suffered quadriplegic athetoid cerebral palsy. She had limited mobility and was wheelchair dependent requiring 24 hour care. Her life expectancy was estimated at 34 years. She was unable to self feed and was likely to require orthopaedic surgery to lower and possibly her upper limbs consequent to her spasticity. She had some visual impairment and moderate to severe learning difficulties.

Out of court settlement: £2,848,838 lump sum (General Damages £243,593) plus periodical payments of £106,000 between ages of five and a half years to 12 years, £140,000 – age 12 to 16 years, £176,617 – age 16 to 19 years and £209,000 per annum thereafter.