The Dutch Railways (Nederlandse SpoorwegenNS) has admitted to the fact that numerous advertising columns placed on NS stations contain hidden cameras. Following this statement, it was discovered that these hidden cameras are also placed at bus stops and at shopping centers.

These cameras record how many passerby’s have looked at the advertisement, the gender and age of the passerby’s, and how long they have looked at the advertisement for. All of this information is gathered without any notice being given to the individuals concerned.

This discovery caused considerable controversy amongst people, however the NS and Exterion Media (the company behind the advertising columns) claim that the hidden cameras are not truly invasive. They claim that the devices resemble sensors more so than cameras since actual images are not saved. Moreover, the two parties have claimed that the collected data cannot be related to an identifiable person.

The AP has announced to investigate this matter. It goes without saying that we will be following this issue closely, and will update our readers accordingly.