If you’ve determined that your new venture is going to require outside investment, there are a number of things you can do to make your company more attractive to investors:

Leverage Government Funding. The federal and provincial governments have many programs geared to supporting our start-up ecosystem. Some are dilutive (i.e., the government takes an equity stake in your company) and some are non-dilutive (i.e., a grant or repayable contribution). 

One final note, retain advisors (business, legal, accounting and tax) that routinely work and specialize in working with start-ups and you will save yourself aggravation, time and money. Early stage and venture capital financing and the agreements that are required by investors have now been around and standardized for more than twenty years. Experienced advisors will not be learning “on the job” and will be able to quickly help you navigate the many complex concepts and legalese involved in early stage and venture capital investments!