Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

5 March 2013

Over 800 data protection officers attended the ICO’s annual data protection officer conference, which was held in Manchester. In his introduction to the event, the Information Commissioner briefly discussed the data protection challenges ahead in 2013. He identified the ICO’s main challenges as:  

  • The many changes to data protection legislation which will occur as a result of the new draft EU Data Protection Regulation and Lord Justice Leveson’s report into the regulation of the press;
  • Keeping abreast of new trends and technological developments in order to maintain a clear and steady focus in order to respond to these developments; and
  • Maximising efficiency in order to deliver the best results possible from the ICO’s “limited and stretched resources".

The keynote speaker at the conference was Françoise Le Bail from the European Commission. Her speech focussed on the EU’s proposals for reforming data protection regulation. She stated that update to the regime is necessary in the internet era. She maintained that it is important for the new regulation to strike a balance between greater rights for individuals and making the regime simpler so that it is easier for businesses to comply.

A Storify review detailing the events of the conference can be found here.