Hussam Hariri, a male vice president of HSBC was fired after being accused of sexually harassing a female coworker. According to the March 27 lawsuit, Hariri claims he had been falsely accused of harassment and the human resources department presumed he was guilty before launching an investigation. Hariri claimed the female coworker was actually the one who was doing the harassing. He alleged that she worked with him in HSBC USA's commercial banking division and he had been complaining to the bank about her for months before she falsely reported to HR that he had asked her on a date.  He also said she had also discussed her misgivings about her upcoming wedding and that he was her "first choice" as a husband and invaded his "personal space" including hugging him inappropriately. In the lawsuit, Hariri says that the conversation in which he allegedly asked out the coworker occurred via WhatsApp and the relevant part of the chat is where the female coworker wrote to him, "Hi sexy." He reported the chat to HR and the commercial banking division Senior Vice President Amy Mauer-Litos immediately. He was then required to work from home for months and was asked to avoid contacting any member of his commercial banking team other than Mauer-Litos while the harassment allegation against him was investigated. The investigation concluded with Hariri being discharged for inappropriately communicating with his female colleagues. The HR representative who investigated the charge told him from the outset that he should answer the questions honestly because she already knew the answers. According to Hariri, he never saw any evidence from the HR representative that he had harassed anyone, and the HR representative had "failed to acknowledge documentation" Hariri had provided of his communications with his accuser and other colleagues through HSBC's intra-office messaging platform.