Judgment of the Constitutional Court No 770/1014

This judgment does not hold unconstitutional the part of the rule of paragraph b) No 1 in conjunction with No 2 of Article 824 of the Civil Procedural Code, which permits the attachment of up to 1/3 of periodical payments (limits to the possibility to attaché pensions or social benefits).

Judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice of 27 January 2015 Subsequent change of circumstances – Amendment of Contract – Financing contract – Economic crisis – Security – Default by debtor

The guarantor of a loan agreement, could not, in particular if he or she is a lawyer , not know that in 2007 the country was already in a financial crisis, for which reason the arrival of the economic crisis could not constitute a change of circumstances that could justify the amendment of the contract.

Judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice of 13 January 2015 Promissory-Contract – Purchase and sale – Termination clause – condition-fact – Burden of proof – Interpretation of facts – Non-compliance – Mala fide litigation

In a promissory contract subject to a termination clause of obtaining 80% of the financing for the purchase of real estate property, evidence that a loan of such amount was not granted to residents in Portugal is enough to consider that the termination occurred.