On September 28, FERC issued an order approving a Stipulation and Consent Agreement between FERC’s Office of Enforcement and Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. (WTI) on behalf of itself and its subsidiary, Wheelabrator Claremont Company, L.P. (Claremont).  The order resolves FERC’s investigation into whether the collection of certain ISO-NE capacity payments associated with Capacity Supply Obligations held by Claremont violated ISO-NE Tariff, at Market Rule 1, § III.13.  According to FERC’s order, from October 2013 to October 2014, Claremont received ISO-NE capacity payments while the Claremont facility was inoperable and unable to meet its CSOs.  Claremont admitted the violations and agreed to (a) pay a civil penalty of $250,000; (b) disgorge to ISO-NE $107,231.34 in capacity payments and interest; and (c) for two years, submit annual reports on the progress of WTI’s recently-implemented compliance measures and any new incidents of non-compliance.