Case No. 09-1089-EL-POR, et al.

The AEP electric distribution companies, Ohio Power Company and Columbus Southern Power Company (“AEP Ohio”) filed their applications for approval of SB 221 energy efficiency and peak demand reduction benchmark compliance plans on November 12, 2009. Similar to the process with FirstEnergy, AEP Ohio had begun settlement discussions with interested parties prior to the filing of its application in order to resolve any outstanding issues surrounding its plan application, in light of the severe time constraints faced by the companies with their 2010 benchmark compliance.

The OMA was a party to a stipulation that was filed simultaneously with the application on November 12, 2009. A copy of that stipulation is attached hereto.

A one day hearing was held on February 25, 2010 and reply briefs were filed by the Industrial Energy Users-Ohio and AEP Ohio on March 19, 2010. The stipulation is now awaiting Commission decision.