The Companies Act 2014 requires that the names of a company’s directors be printed on all business letters bearing the company’s name. The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) recently issued guidelines in order to alleviate the administrative cost implications of this.

The guidelines confirm:

  • There is no legal obligation for the directors’ names to be pre-printed on company stationery.
  • There are no rules regarding format or font size so long as the text listing the directors’ names is legible.
  • Companies can pre-order stationery without any directors’ names printed and later add the relevant details as and when the stationery is used.
  • Labels can be placed over directors’ names to reflect a revised list and names of directors who have resigned can be blanked out.

By outlining these simple measures the ODCE hopes that Irish companies can reduce the unnecessary expense associated with the loss of company stationery which has incorrect directors’ names printed.