AFM publishes brochure on notification of market abuse

The AFM has published a brochure (in Dutch) which provides information to investment companies on their legal duty to notify a reasonable suspicion of market abuse. The brochure outlines the existing rules and the practical aspects of notification.

AFM starts a review of appropriate commissions

In the coming months the AFM will conduct a survey on how rules on appropriate commission are being complied with. The survey will be focused on financial service providers and investment companies.

New guidelines for mortgage lending

The AFM has published new guidelines to prevent overlending by mortgage providers. The Minister of Finance stated in a letter to the Second Chamber that he will shortly give the guidelines a regulatory basis. The new regulation would take effect early 2011.

AFM publishes budget and its 2010 supervisory themes

The AFM has published its budget for 2010. This contains a summary of the AFM’s statutory tasks and the budgetary consequences of its policy. The AFM also explains its key themes for this year:

  • shifting the focus of product providers to the customer
  • improving the quality of financial service provision
  • making amounts and risks of pensions more transparent
  • providing a more effective and faster response to serious violations of integrity
  • improving the quality of (financial) information
  • improving standards and efficiency on international trading platforms
  • more visible supervision on market abuse
  • promoting the quality of European supervision

AFM publishes 2009 annual report

The annual report of the AFM shows that the number of formal and informal supervisory measures has strongly risen in 2009. Last year the AFM took 273 formal measures against intermediaries and advisers. In addition, the AFM conducted guidance discussions in 141 matters. In 2008 the AFM took 92 formal measures and conducted 21 guidance discussions.