On April 26th, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a rule governing the administration of the agency's Civil Penalty Fund. The rule describes the conditions under which the Bureau may make payments to victims and establishes a timetable and procedures for allocating funds for payments to victims. Under the rule, money in the Civil Penalty Fund will be used to provide compensation to victims of violations for which civil penalties have been imposed. The amount of compensation that the Bureau may provide will depend on compensation victims may have received from other sources as well as the circumstances of each case. The CFPB also published for comment a proposed rule on the management of the Fund. The rule creates a process for allocating money from the Bureau's Civil Penalty Fund to compensate victims harmed by a person or company that was fined in an enforcement action brought by the Bureau. Comments on the proposed rule should be submitted within 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is expected shortly. CFPB Press Release.