The Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (the “TFTC”) on December 9 resolved to impose fines on seven aluminum capacitor manufacturers and three tantalum capacitor manufacturers for their concerted action.  The TFTC finds that these manufacturers at least from 2005 to January 2014 held meetings or engaged in bilateral communications via email, telephone, gathering, etc. to exchange sensitive competition information relating to price, quantity, production capacity, response to customer’s request, etc. and to reach agreements to restrict competition.  Such sufficed to affect the supply and demand functions of the local capacitor market and thus violated Paragraph 1, Article 14 of the Fair Trade Act.  The fines imposed by the TFTC totaled NT$5,796,600,000.  Other jurisdictions, including at least the EU, U.S., Japan, South Korea Singapore and China, are still investigating this case.  Taiwan is the first country to render a decision on this case.