As an annual reminder, contractors operating in Delaware must renew their business license with the Delaware Division of Revenue. Any business operating in the State of Delaware needs to have a State of Delaware business license. In addition, any individual that claims Delaware business income or expenses for the year on either a federal Schedule C or Schedule E form needs to have a State of Delaware business license. This includes both full and part-time workers, as well as those acting as consultants and freelancers.

Business licenses can be renewed at Division of Revenue’s three public service offices or online at the State's website found here. Businesses that are renewing will need their EIN and 10 digit business license number. One and three year renewal options are available. New business licenses can also be obtained online here, or by submitting a form of application to the Division of Revenue.

The Division of Revenue may, after notice, revoke or deny renewal of your business license if you have a delinquent balance in excess of $2500 that has remained unpaid for 180 days. If you continue in business without a license you are subject to criminal prosecution or the issuance of an injunction by the Court of Chancery.