On February 28, 2013, the Resolution No. 2 of the National Energy Policy Council authorized the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to include additional 117 blocks in the 11th Oil & Gas Bidding Round. The 11th round started on January 24, 2013, with the publication of the preliminary tender protocol and the draft of the concession agreement.

Of the new blocks, 65 are on the Foz do Amazonas basin (9 blocks on sector SFZA-AP1 and 56 on sector SFZA-AR1), 36 on the Tucano basin (sector STUC-South), 10 on the Pernambuco-Paraíba basin (5 blocks on sector SPEPB-AP2 and 5 on SPEPB-AP3) and 6 on the offshore Espírito Santo basin (sector SES-AP2).

Further information regarding these new blocks, in particular ANP’s forecast of the parameters of the new areas, are currently available only in Portuguese, at the 11th Bidding Round’s website