Ohio environmental officials spoke out on coal-fired power plants yesterday. They say they will not deny a coal-fired power plant permit based on CO2 pollution like Kansas did last week. Ohio EPA Director Korleski said, "That's just not an approach we are prepared to take here in Ohio." The Ohio EPA has already approved one permit this year and is currently considering a second one.

The Ohio EPA approved a permit for American Municipal Power's (AMP) 1,000 MW plant in Meigs County, which could emit as much as 7.5 million tons of CO2 per year. AMP hopes to build the $2.5 billion at plant on the Ohio River and deliver the electricity to 92 communities in three states. The communities would fund the plant in return for a share of its electricity.

Despite Ohio EPA's stance, the community of Westerville voted down the AMP plant. Westerville Councilman Treneff stated, "I don’t want Westerville to be on the wrong side of environmental choices 20 to 30 years from now." Under the proposal, which would have locked the city into a 50-year contract with AMP, the city would have bought shares in the plant and would have received 40 percent of Westerville's non-peak electricity. The plant is expected to begin operating in 2013, pending a November 1 deadline for the communities to approve the project. Westerville is the first community to reject the proposed plant.